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What is Medical Professional Liability insurance?
Medical professionals can be held legally accountable for their actions. Common allegations include misdiagnosis/failure to diagnose, inappropriate treatment, injuries from therapeutic agents, injuries from equipment and premises, failure to admit/inappropriate discharge, intentional torts, and liability arising from cost containment. But even if they’re innocent, it’s extremely expensive to defending lawsuits.

CMI helps all types of medical professionals with comprehensive coverage.

Medical Professional Liability insurance can include:

  • Hospital Professional Liability

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Miscellaneous Medical Facilities and Services:

    • Ambulatory Surgery and Urgent Care Centers

    • Long-Term Care Facilities

    • Clinical Research Liability (CRLI)

    • Privacy

    • Medical Spa Professional Liability

    • Medical Products Liability

Coverage Available:

  • Defense Outside the Limit

  • Defense of License available

  • Consent to Settle provision in coverage

  • Incident sensitive form

  • Broad definition of named insured

  • Coverage for damage to patient’s property

  • Defense of alleged antitrust claims

  • Coverage for advertising injury arising out of professional services

  • Option for non-aggregated policy limits that would apply to each and every claim throughout the policy term

Claim Example

Why it’s smart to have Medical Professional Liability Insurance
A woman in labor was admitted to a hospital, and soon after the fetus experienced irregular heartbeats and decreased heart tones. The woman’s OB/GYN, the insured, attended to the mother and then left her in the care of the nurses. The fetus continued in distress and was finally delivered eight hours later, but the infant required intensive resuscitation and developed permanent neurological problems. The child now experiences seizures, requires a feeding and breathing tube, has minimal vision, and is a spastic quadriplegic.

The parents sued the hospital, its nurses, and the insured OB/GYN alleging a failure to monitor, advise, and perform a timely C-Section in the face of fetal distress. In his defense, the physician said he did not deliver the baby earlier because the nurses did not alert him to the worsening condition. However, the nurses denied his charges, and the hospital report backs them up. The claim was settled out of court for approximately $5 million.