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What is Technology Liability Insurance?
There are severe liability risks for any company that provides Internet, telecommunications, or technology services. With the potential for lawsuits from either individuals or corporations, it’s critical that technology providers have the right type of insurance protection.

With our deep understanding of today’s technology landscape, we can recommend precise coverage for providers, manufacturers and consultants.

Coverage available:

  • Errors, omissions and negligent acts

  • Poor performance or lack of performance

  • Copyright and trademark infringement

  • Libel and slander

  • Denial of Service (DOS) attacks

  • Malicious code attacks

  • Security failure

Coverage applies to:

  • Telecommunication Services

  • Database Storage Services

  • Internet Services

  • Network Security Services

  • Electronics Manufacturers

  • Search Engines

  • Network Consultants

  • Web Developers & Designers

  • Web Hosts

  • Software Developers

  • Information Technology Services

  • Application Service Providers

  • Technology Consultants

Claim Example

Why it’s smart to have Technology Liability Insurance
A web design company was working on multiple sites for a client, but at some point both parties decided to end their relationship. The design firm claimed they were owed $750,000. The client responded by alleging that the sites didn’t performan correctly, and they demanded $9 million from the design firm.