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What is Media Professional Liability Insurance?
Although the First Amendment of the U.S Constitution enshrines the right to openly publish and broadcast, it can be expensive to defend that right in court. Unfortunately, the mere threat of litigation will often silence an individual or media company. Media professional liability insurance protects individuals and companies against claims relating to what they may write, publish or broadcast.

Covered classes

  • Advertiser

  • Advertising Agency

  • Author

  • Book Publisher

  • Broadcaster

  • Magazine Publisher

  • Multimedia

  • Newspaper Publisher

  • Radio, TV and Film Producers


  • Comprehensive coverage

  • No Settlement “Hammer” clause

  • No exclusion for “Internal” copyright disputes

  • Protection for confidential sources and other information

  • Choices between Indemnity and Duty to Defend

  • Occurrence form available

  • Trademark coverage available

  • Defense inside or outside the limit available

  • Multimedia coverage

Claim Example

Why it’s smart to have Media Professional Liability Insurance
A small publishing house was sued for defamation and libel when an advertisement describing one of their books suggested the plaintiff was connected to organized crime. The defamation judgment was over $1 million. The publisher, which did not have libel insurance, declared bankruptcy after the plaintiff collected the judgment by seizing the publisher’s entire inventory.